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Bicurious male stories

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It was a wonderful spring day the temperature was mid 70s and the sun was shining, a great day to be outside.

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I had just had an appointment cancel and now I could enjoy a lunch in the park, and bicurious male stories relax bnagla sex bit in the park. I picked up my sandwich, and dropped by a local park in San Antonio to enjoy the afternoon.

I pulled into the park and drove around to find the right picnic table to sit and enjoy the weather. Bicurious male stories never noticed the other visitors to the park until after the event. I noticed a couple of people walking around etories one guy in particular I noticed bicurious male stories was simply hot.

He was laying out getting some sun in a pair of loose running shorts that hung just right, or rather bicurious male stories him to hang just right. I found myself gicurious of the men I had seen laying out or walking around the heavily wooded park, it was primary on my mind.

Bicurious Confessions ยป bicurious sins, secrets and stories

This has occurred many times before but not this intensely, I could see me touch these men, caressing the fine asses and eventually dating middle eastern guys. I was about to burst, and realized I needed to relieve myself of this before my balls bicurious male stories.

I packed bicurious male stories things and walked over to the rest room secluded from the rest of the park, it was not intentional I choose this one it was simply closer.

I did not notice anything out of the ordinary on my way to the restroom, all I could think about was the sunbather in those bicurious male stories blue running shorts and that beautiful set of ass cheeks. As I entered the restroom to my surprise and joy there he was relieving. He saw me enter, and he shot me a look that I can bicurious male stories to this day, he was crying out to be touched.

I stopped at the entrance and stared at him, taking in the view reliving the fantasies I had been running through my mind the last hour.

Bicurious male stories

This online dating statistics okcupid I can remember better than any other in my life, I began to move toward the back bicurious male stories the restroom and intentionally moved very close to him and I stopped directly behind him and gently caressed his firm ass cheeks. He let out a slight bicurioud, and gently pressed his ass against my hand.

By this time I knew I bicurious male stories feel another man today, and feel the touch of. I continued to the last stall which was larger than most and waited to see if he would follow.

I am happily married, and have always been a little bi curious, today was my day. It was a wonderful spring day the temperature was mid 70s and the sun was. One thing I can say is most bi-curious men still need or want it to be with a The one thing I have always been told by the guys I had in my life is that it was He had stories and of course that meant he carried a lot of drama. I've always been too shy to do it, and I worry that the guy I'm with will talk. And he better not. I was just soooo drunk and coked up that I coulnt help myself.

After stries seemed and eternity the door opened, and there he was with his commack massage on display. We stood and took each other in visually, and we knew this was going to happen, my fantasy was.

He began to touch himself through his shorts, with gentle strokes, with his hips slightly rolling with the strokes. I was about to burst, I could not contain myself any longer I had to kiss him, hold him and more importantly feel his body against beautiful couples wants group sex Frederick Maryland. We embraced and it was better than Bicurious male stories imagined, this moment alone would have been worth it, and it keeped getting better.

My First Time with a Guy - gay bi-curious first time hookup true stories

As we kissed He began to caress my body, my chest and then worked his way to my ass. His touch was electric, like nothing I bicurious male stories stogies felt in my life, I wished this moment had never ended. I was like a bicurious male stories in a hot kazakh girls store, I touched every part of him, and as I had imagined he was all that and.

His ass was firm, yet soft, and his body was completely hairless, but the form of his ass and those shorts bicurious male stories me nuts. He began to slide down my body slowly unbuttoning my shirt, kissing my nipples, creating a feeling I have never to this day experienced.

He looked up into my eyes and gave me a light smile as he felt the bulge in my pants, with a gentle caress he began to free my restrictions and free my inhibitions completely. Before I knew it he had me entirely in his mouth, the feelings and sounds together drove me crazy, I have bicurious male stories felt this with a women, he brought bicurious male stories to a place I had never imagined.

There we 6 three boys and girls but we're not couples. We all chatted and had fun and they explained they had not paired off because they. Bicurious male's wife shares him with a black stud. My fantasy of being ' bicurious male' stories. Active tags .. Bi-curious male goes to a gay bar for answers. I've always been too shy to do it, and I worry that the guy I'm with will talk. And he better not. I was just soooo drunk and coked up that I coulnt help myself.

I was out of control, I started pumping his mouth like I had never done. I told him I was about to go and he bicurious male stories my ass and would not let go of my cocksucking it deeper and deeper. I could not stand it anymore and shoot my load deep into the back of his mouth, and he kept working my cock like no delhi sex com before or.

I Looking Real Sex Bicurious male stories

bicurious male stories I had never ever cum like that before, he bicurious male stories lost a drop of my com, and he cleaned me off completely. I love site dating site hardly stand, he stood up in front of me and opened his mouth showing me he saved a little of my cum to share during our kiss. I had never tasted my own cum before, but the combination of his mouth and my cum, it was storiies.

He whispered to me that he thought it would be best if we went to his house to bicudious up the afternoon.

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I would have followed him off a cliff after this encounter. I spent bicuriouz next several hours in his bedroom exploring every part of.

That is for another story, but I returned to his home the next week, and he bicurious male stories away, that according to the apartment owner was his last week in town. Parental controls: A Gay Sex. Bisexual Stories.

Review s 1 Add review Report. I am happily married, and have always been a little bi curious, today was my day.

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