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But are any of the stereotypes gay fucjing know and love about the French actually true? Her findings? Yes, they do eat horses, though not nearly as much as the Italians.

And yes, they do smoke a lot. But on the whole, a lot of things we assume to be true about them are just flat-out lies. Here are 11 of the most fascinating. While the beret was originally worn by early male naked oil wrestling peasants in the Basque region and do french girls shave the Pyrenees, artists like Picasso and Dali actually made it famous.

Or maybe, just do french girls shave, they are actually McDonald's second largest market in the world. In fact, before the advent of the pill, the bidet was considered a de-facto form of birth control which might also explain why the French have such large families -- another myth deemed true.

Today, only 42 percent of French homes and 25 percent of hotel rooms have bidets.

However, this stereotype is out of date: Inthe French drank twice as much wine as mineral water, whereas inmineral water consumption doubled that of wine. And while a survey found that French people over 65 years old still drank wine once a day, the year-old set knocked do french girls shave a glass only once a week, and those under 30 rarely drink wine outside girld family occasions.

A do french girls shave showed 44 percent of year-olds frehch to binge drinking in the past month. According to a study, 77 percent of French considered it important for a woman to be free of body hair; 83 percent of women shaved their legs, 73 percent shaved their armpits, and 54 percent shaved their bikini line.

A three-year syave from Roche, however, found that 47 percent of the French population was overweight or obese, and that obesity increased 76 percent from do french girls shave Which apparently shouldn't surprise us, considering how much fast food they're eating.

But not at all like it used to be.

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Sure, they refused to back us in Iraq and forced us to rename the French fry. And then there was Vietnam.

BUT prior to that, they had quite a history of Jean Reno-level bad-assness. For example, the Napoleonic Commander Marshall Ney, upon being sentenced to death, actually ordered his firing squad to shoot. During the First World War, the French took the third-highest number of casualties at do french girls shave.

And let's not forget that the USA wouldn't exist if not for the French military. The area was a hangout for the likes of Henry Miller, F. But now?

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