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I Wants Sex Chat How to start small talk with a guy

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How to start small talk with a guy

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So how do you approach him?

Some guys are so shy that they would never approach a pretty girl. Perhaps the easiest way to start the conversation is by asking him for the time.

Remember not to go overboard with compliments. That being said, some areas in which a man loves to be complimented are: Guys love talking about themselves. However, try to avoid talking about yourself in the beginning.

Stick to open-ended questions and avoid questions he can answer with a simple yes or no. If you have a common interest example: Tak to keep the conversation light and playful. Men love gay sex older laugh, so try your best to be witty.

If he gets sarcastic, play along with it. Click here for advice on how to flirt.

DO NOT talk about your ex! Is he making fun of you?

Smile, laugh, and poke fun at him right back! With the above advice and a big dose of courage, you should be ready to approach your crush, say hi, and get him talking.

If all goes well, click here for ideas on what to talk gyu during your first date. Your email address will not be published.

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