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It does not seem like it should have to little girls getting laid said out loud, but here goes: Only, that curiosity keeps hitting against repressive sex education classes where a hip young priest advises her that the only purpose for sex is for a married man and woman to make babies.

She scans in a picture of her more seemingly sexy friend. What are u doing to me?

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From there, Alice tentatively confronts her burgeoning sexual desire, mostly through mildly embarrassed, horny longing.

The friend she cribbed a picture of has no trouble internalizing the message that sex is only for procreation, so Alice is left entirely isolated to revisit the make-out session in Titanic and get little girls getting laid the bottom of her own desire.

Speaking with The GuardianMaine said she deliberately wanted to tackle topics that we usually see in male-dominated settings. Superbad comes to mind.

As something more than a cautionary tale where sexually curious girls gettong often still punished. Eventually, you get to actual articles talking about how much of female-driven sexuality is kept from girls, and how rarely young girls are even little girls getting laid sydney nsa their own body parts—much less what to do with them other than avoid getting knocked up. Author Caitlin Liittle, who has a teenage daughter, has written frequently about how we continue to terrify girls about sex, and fail to show female sexuality as normal and sweet woman want sex tonight Rouyn-Noranda.

So, well done, us. They used to be scared of it because it would make them pregnant or unmarriageable.

All this makes Yes, God, Yes 1. Tracy Moore is a staff writer at MEL.

Formerly at Jezebel.