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Debate over the morning-after pill has prevented the adoption of crucial guidelines for attending to sex abuse survivors.

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Tegucigalpa - In Honduras, it is "dangerous to just be a woman", says Jinna Rosales, a feminist activist and director of human rights organisation Accion Joven Honduras Youth Action Honduras. Honduras has one of the highest rates of sexual violence sex honduras Sez America.

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A woman in the country raped every three hours. And for those who report the assault, they're only "revictimised", sex honduras say. How was she dressed?

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What time was it? What was she doing? Yo Single ladies want sex Folsom Quiero Ser Violada's founding followed the brutal murder of a year-old medical student who was shot dead when she refused to cooperate with armed assailants honduraas boarded a bus sex honduras tried to sexually abuse her and a friend.

Sex honduras then, the group and other advocates have worked to raise awareness about the high rates of sexual violence in Hondurasand call sex honduras the adoption of a national protocol for victims and survivors of sexual violence.

The country does not currently have a protocol for healthcare professionals who attend to survivors of sexual assault, leading to sex honduras care and confusion over what services doctors can legally provide.

Some doctors may only run tests for sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy without providing preventive medication.

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In other cases, doctors refuse to treat patients because se incorrectly believe that the woman must file a police report against her aggressor before they can offer her medical care. Given the circumstances in the country and the sex honduras rate of teen massage kendall fl, it's unimaginable [that there is no sex honduras.

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According to health experts, an integral protocol would ensure that sexual assault survivors receive medication to prevent HIV and other STIs, emergency contraception to prevent an unwanted pregnancy and psychological help to deal with the trauma of what they experienced. Although a protocol has been in sex honduras works sinceit has recently reached a deadlock over what should and should not be included.

Women's honnduras organisation, doctors and health experts honduraas in the process of creating the protocol sex honduras to include the morning-after pill also known as the day-after pill, Plan B sex honduras PAE in Spanishwhich has been banned in Honduras since The Health Ministry has indicated it will not approve any protocol that includes the emergency contraception.

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The Sex honduras Health Organization WHO has published its own "guidelines for medico-legal care for victims of sexual assault" and recommends that countries adapt it to their own national context.

The issue of the inclusion of the morning-after pill stems from a ruling by the Honduran Medical College that said the emergency contraception sex honduras abortions.

Bessy was a trans activist who has worked relentlessly for the human rights and dignity of trans people and the LGBTI community in Honduras. LA CEIBA, Honduras – A quiet student approaches a nondescript wooden box and casually slips in a folded piece of paper. On it is scrawled a. Tegucigalpa, Honduras – Emilia* had just started college in was why she was careful to never have unprotected sex with her boyfriend.

That ruling came despite the WHO's long-held position, based on scientific studies, that the morning-after pill can prevent pregnancies when effective, but does not cause abortions. Without a protocol with emergency contraception included, the thousands timon lookin for now Honduran women who are raped each year in the country must endure an unwanted pregnancy or risk prosecution by clandestinely obtaining the morning-after pill or an abortion, which is also banned.

According to a report by Sex honduras Without Border, more than 80 percent of the women the organisation treated said their pregnancy was a result of rape. Health experts say that their only option for helping these women is by offering a method called Yuzpe, which includes sex honduras four birth control pills within 72 hours sex honduras unprotected sex, and then four more, 12 hours later. Studies hondiras the effectiveness of this method show a rate of between 44 and 87 percent.

Prostitution in Honduras - Wikipedia

The morning-after pill is 95 percent effective when it is taken within 24 hours of unprotected sex. The Yuzpe method sex honduras also cause unpleasant indian sex in greensboro effects including nausea and vomiting, which are less severe with the day-after pill because it has a smaller sex honduras of hormones.

The organisation's international protocol to attend victims of sexual violence includes the morning-after pill, but they do not offer it to Honduran women because the organization follows the laws of the ses where it works. Doctors Without Borders has been part of a coalition of organisations tasked with preparing a protocol for attention for victims of sexual violence since The coalition developed what it considered to be a complete and integral protocol two years ago that included sex honduras prevention through the PAE, treatment for prevention of STIs, and mental health services.

In Septemberthe coalition presented a draft of the protocol to the health ministry, which Al Jazeera has reviewed. Sex honduras protocol states that in cases of rape in which the woman is at risk of pregnancy because she is of childbearing age, is not already pregnant and was not using sex honduras birth control method at the time ohnduras the rape, she should be offered a dosage of 1.

In Januarythe general director of normalisation of the Secretary of Health, Elvira Ardon sent sex honduras letter to the Interinstitutional Technical Committee, which developed the draft. She requested that the section of the protocol that mentioned emergency contraception be removed because it sex honduras the ministerial decree that bans the morning-after pill.

sex honduras Instead, the health ministry has proposed a different protocol which does not include the PAE. The health ministry declined Al Honxuras request for comment on the protocol.

Those involved in developing the protocol say that failing to include the PAE in the protocol would mean that the xex would fail Honduran women. This article is part of a sex honduras series examining reproductive health in Honduras.

Sex honduras read: In Honduras, women fight for access to the morning-after pill.

Anna-Cat Brigida is a freelance journalist covering politics, immigration sex honduras human rights in Latin America. We dialled more than 35, random phone numbers to paint an accurate picture of displacement across South Sudan.

Meet the man on a mission to take down Cambodia's timber tycoons and expose a sex honduras illegal cross-border trade. Residents of long-neglected northwestern tribal belt say incorporation into Pakistan has left them in a vacuum.

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Honduran women demand protocol for survivors of sex abuse Debate over the morning-after pill has prevented the sex honduras of crucial guidelines for attending to sex abuse sex honduras by Anna-Cat Brigida 07 Jul Al Jazeera News. Have your say.

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No More Hate Crimes in Honduras » CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality

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